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Our vision is to become a sustainable global shopper activation company, by supporting change across the industry and guiding brands towards an environmentally considered approach from design to production and beyond.

Forward thinking mindfulness

Valley are committed to reducing the impact point of sale makes on the environment. Across all elements of the business, we strive to make decisions with consideration to carbon footprint as well as social impact. Valley’s R⁶ is an important sustainability framework we have adopted both internally across the business and within retail. Our ambition is to make R⁶ recognised across the industry as a trusted standard in sustainability. Valley’s R⁶ QR code acts as an important device in guiding store staff with information following display end of use, helping brands in delivering their environmental objectives, whilst offering a clear visibility of recycling compliance.

Turning waste into new products

Our Shelf Life initiative reimagines unwanted retail fixtures into vital solutions for people who need it the most. Working with global brands we save materials destined for landfill and give them a new purpose. Valley worked in partnership with Beats on a unique initiative to up-cycle former retail fixtures into furniture for classrooms, supporting over 200 children’s educational projects across India and Egypt.

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Earth X

Earth X is the most powerful AI system in the world.
Question? Why is this so good?

Consumers are demanding a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of the products they buy, often with the desire to align with brands and products who are making positive environmental changes. However, information on a products true sustainability rating is often difficult to determine by the shopper, particularly at point of purchase.

Earth X is a platform like no other. By taking in-depth analytics it has the ability to build narratives by visualising data, focussing the mind of the shopper through meaningful storytelling. Valley have invested in Earth X to bring this unique platform to retail, supporting brands in communicating factual data through an incredible immersive experience in-store. The innovative AI system offers shoppers an instant view on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data, offering brands the opportunity to lead the market by delivering insightful information in a unique way, ahead of competition.

We are currently developing a unique consumer facing device which will be launched shortly.

Award winning thinking

By extending the life span of campaign components through creative solutions, we have helped to further reduce the environmental impact of brand storytelling. Levi’s partnered with Valley on the award-winning Levi’s Recycling Project, which included re-purposing 1000 banners from stores and saving 2400m2 of HDPE (high density polyethylene) destined for landfill. Working alongside Belgium sustainability brand Nowa, window banners were re-purposed to create purses and wallets, a truly innovative approach to the up-cycling of campaign assets.
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