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We invented printing onto plastics, securing patents worldwide. Introduced facial identification technology to the police force and supported the World Health Organisation in educating nations on disease prevention.
We are inventors and innovators. It’s in our heritage and we’re experts at it.

Valley have introduced revolutionary deliverable technologies to retail markets across sectors, allowing us to enhance the customer brand experience across platforms whilst influencing shopper behaviour and gaining valuable insight for brands. Our intelligent solutions are based on a deep understanding of the customer, ensuring that along with an enhanced experience for the shopper, your brand investment delivers a return.


TapScan the most advanced geo- location POS tracker in the world. It’s an app free digital platform that will double your store compliance and engage shoppers with digital content and experiences.
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TapScan drives sales velocity, offering full visibility of display activation at a store-by-store level. Our team offer a fully managed service communicating with non-complying locations to ensure displays are deployed, preventing lost sales.
  • Offers full visibility of campaign activation
  • Up to the minute intelligence on non-compliance
  • Fully managed service


TapScan offers access to instant digital experiences that drive shopper delight by simply tapping or scanning the QR code on the display. With the ability to localise content whilst offering access to live customer data. This valuable insight is fully visible to our brands via our online platform, giving detailed information on consumer habits, location and product preferences.
  • Instant inspirational engagement
  • Delivering brand promise into the hearts of shoppers
  • Gives shoppers access to stories, competitions, promotions and educational content

Physical and digital integration

Our ‘phygital’ solutions deliver a truly immersive experience to the consumer, combining physical product with digital experiences. We have seen success with this innovation across sectors, specifically within the consumer electronic market. Combining touch screens with Bluetooth functionality allows not only for enhanced shopper experience, but also access to live customer data and the capability of remote content management. We delivered a unique display solution for Marshall, combining innovative functionality with standout creative design allowing the consumer the opportunity to seamlessly experience the sound of their own playlist across multiple speakers, without the need to re-connect from product to product. Bespoke, product relevant screen content played during the demonstration, aiding shopper product discovery through delivery of impactful information to increase purchase confidence.
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Lift and Learn

Our Lift and Learn technology offers an interactive way for customers to discover product capabilities whilst consuming tailored content to help convert at point of purchase. Items are placed onto an identified area, triggering bespoke screen content to allow an easy comparison across ranges and help guide the consumer through their purchase journey.

We worked closely with market innovators Silver Cross, to create an impactful in-store solution using lift and learn technology to encourage consumer interaction. In an industry where safety is paramount, it is vital consumers are supported throughout their purchasing journey to find products best suited to their needs. Our solution was a stand out in-store display featuring embedded Bluetooth technology, enabling the customer to explore ranges whilst offering valuable consumer insight for the brand.
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AR integration into the retail environment

AR creates lasting, emotive memories for the shopper with the ability to bring messaging to life in a fascinating new way. Together with our partners we develop concepts which digitally expand campaigns, offering shoppers a new user experience.

Our leading AR, VR and Metaverse experts have succeeded in extending campaign creative with an innovative new approach to drive consumer intrigue.

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