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We give people reasons to go shopping.

Our work is everywhere. Over 130 years of working with the biggest global brands we have some impressive credentials and some great stories to go with them. We support all brands in achieving success at the point of purchase in retail, be that a global launch of a Jurassic Park movie or enhancing the customer journey in McDonalds.

Next level service with personality.

We are a serious player in Retail Marketing and a fun company to work with. We combine innovation with creativity to execute ideas that guide brands and retailers in how they communicate with their shoppers.

Our insight team are fully integrated into our design team to ensure a deep understanding of the customer within each territory. With our creative hubs spread worldwide we are ideally positioned to understand shopper influences, local cultures and audiences. This provides solid foundations to our creative solutions, translating insight into award winning ideas that help build your brand. 

Did you know Valley supports Beats across EMEA for Apple
Did you know Our relationship with Mars spans over 2 decades
Did you know Valley delivered the international retail launch of Jurassic Park
Did you know Valley introduced ibeacons into McDonalds stores to assist table service
Did you know Valley were the first UK licence holders for QR codes in retail, we continue to use QR codes today through our TapScan technology.
Did you know Valley were the first in the UK to use ibeacon technology in retail. In the 1960's Valley pioneered printing on to plastics and secured worldwide patents.

Did you know From launch into the UK market, Valley has supported the success of Tony's Chocolonely in retail

Did you know In every Rolls-Royce ever manufactured there is a component produced by Valley
Did you know Valley printed the packaging for Polo mints in the 1950's




Trusted by global brands

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Intelligent insight. Creative design

Our process achieves the best shopper connection. The research within our design phase is intelligent, sourced from data and knowledge we have gained through vast industry experience to ensure we grab shopper’s attention. Our tools and solutions build a shopper marketing proposition that supports a category strategy and delivers market cut through for your product.


We have extensive knowledge in designing retail experiences, grounded in shopper understanding, bringing fresh, new ideas into store environments that challenge the norm and grab shopper attention. With our innovation and creativity expertise, we execute visionary ideas on a global scale, empowering brands and retailers to effectively connect with their shoppers to create a meaningful impression.


By developing modular, adaptable retail furniture, we have the ability to engineer design solutions to ensure best value and scalability. We have over 130 year’s experience within the temporary and permanent point of sale industry and as inventors, we remaining at the forefront of innovation and manufacturing across our UK and overseas operation facilities.


Clients trust Valley to take ownership of their global brand delivery. We adopt a white glove approach to ensure delivery and installation meets the highest standards. Operating across all leading retailer store estates, we have an in-depth understanding of compliance guidelines. This expertise enables us to seamlessly deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale, complemented by a dedicated after-care service aimed at optimising the value of your investment.
The Leadership and Account Team are super enthusiastic, always available and up for any challenge we throw at them. It’s like we’ve been welcomed into the Valley Family!”

Jeremy Payne Shopper Marketing Lead, Bayer

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