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Valley x POPAI Sustain®: Measuring POS Eco Impact

June 18, 2024

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Eco friendly POS

We are working with POPAI to use their innovative Sustain® tool, offering our customers an instant view on the environmental impact of their POS display.

POPAI’s Sustain® tool looks at a POS display from a number of different angles including design, logistics, materials and end of life to give a sustainability score out of 120. The lower the score, the better for the planet! The tool can also offer suggestions for improvements to lower environmental impact further, from alternative materials to reducing weight. This approach empowers brands and retailers to conduct comprehensive assessments of their temporary and permanent retail displays, enabling informed decision-making aimed at minimising environmental footprint.

Here’s some of the ways Valley x Sustain® can help improve the eco rating of your in-store activation-

1. Design optimisation: Brands and retailers can optimise the design of their displays to improve sustainability credentials, without compromising on functionality or aesthetic appeal to the shopper. We can provide recommendations to reduce environmental impact, including how to reduce carbon footprint, improve recycled content and recyclability.

2. Cost savings: We can identify opportunities for production efficiency and waste reduction, ultimately lowering production costs and operational expenses. By thinking outside the box we look at clever ways to reduce distribution costs, by ensuring lighter more efficient packing approaches to keep eco impact low.

3. Benchmarking: We can offer benchmarking for alternative design iterations of the same display, or comparisons with past versus present displays to ensure decisions can be made based on fact, collectively heading towards eco improvements.

As an industry leading POS manufacturer, Valley’s access to POPAI’s Sustain® tool offers a multitude of benefits for brands and retailers seeking to embrace sustainability as a core pillar of their business strategy. From environmental impact assessment, design optimisation and cost savings, Sustain® provides a comprehensive framework for integrating sustainability into every facet of retail display operations, driving business success in an increasingly eco-conscious marketplace.

“We have already seen the benefits of using POPAI’s Sustain® tool within our creative team, offering an instant perspective on where eco improvements can be made to offer our customers more environmentally responsible options.”

James Haggas, MD Valley