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5 Great Ideas to Boost your Point of Sale Display

July 1, 2024

Want to supercharge your sales in-store? Check out these ideas for creating POS displays that deliver results. From eye-catching designs to retail first tech, these tips will help you to grab the attention of shoppers, boost sales and make your products stand out. Let’s dive in!


Be Bold and beautiful

By using a striking colour palette along with premium finishes and distinctive detailing, helps your brand to stand out amongst competition in busy retail environments. This example by Lancôme to celebrate Eid works so well because of its luxurious, yet simple design. Using techniques such as cultural design cues and illumination showcases the power of brand storytelling, creating a stand out piece of retail theatre in Dubai International Airport.

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Be first with new tech

By introducing smart technologies into retail displays can enhance the in-store shopper experience, whilst offering valuable insight into customer behaviour. This eye-catching display for Shark Beauty in Currys, not only draws the shopper in with its playful design, but uses Lidar technology to help the retailer understand detailed shopper insight such as dwell time, along with which products are engaged with the most.


Make it sustainable

By considering display design from a sustainability perspective not only helps to lower eco impact, but can also help cost efficiencies, getting you more in-store activation for your budget. By switching up materials and looking at how a display is manufactured can save big money, from production to distribution costs and improving longevity in store.

Using POPAI’s Sustain® tool allows brands and retailers to optimise the design of their displays to improve sustainability credentials, offering ideas for production efficiency and waste reduction. By thinking outside the box we look at clever ways to reduce end to end costs, by ensuring more efficient approaches to keep eco impact low.

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Offer a helping hand

Shoppers can often feel overwhelmed with products and information, particularly in the health category, where they are trying to find advice on the product that’s right for them.

By offering educational support at point of sale can help guide customers in their journey, particularly when the product is related to intimate health and when a younger demographic may not feel comfortable asking a member of staff for support. By using a QR code on temporary FSDU’s supported by intelligent platforms, helps to connect the shopper with the right advice, transforming a sometimes uncomfortable shopping experience into an opportunity for empowerment and enlightenment.


Disrupt shopper habits

Thinking about the consumer journey and how you can disrupt shopper routines opens up new opportunities to drive sales and brand awareness. Asahi’s knockout permanent FSDU for Sainsbury’s does just that. Not only does it deliver powerful creative impact, by positioning the display next to Gourmet Sushi counters, it captures shopper attention making them consider the premium lager as the perfect pairing to their lunch, driving impulse purchases for Asahi. Tasty.

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