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Lancôme: Celebrating Ramadan in Dubai DXB

June 3, 2024

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A golden beacon

Dubai International Airport, is the second busiest airport in the world with over 86 million travellers passing through its terminals in 2023 alone. With high footfall and a global clientele, the opportunity for brands in huge, along with the competition. Creating a distinctive display which is eye catching, whilst instantly delivering a clear message is vital to ensure retail activation opportunities are maximised.

Lancôme, the iconic French beauty brand, has unveiled a mesmerising display in Dubai T1 to celebrate Ramadan. This grand spectacle, adorned in opulent gold finishes and deep blue hues, serves as a beacon of elegance amidst the airport’s bustling retail environment.

At the heart of the display are Lancôme’s luxurious products, beautifully displayed amidst a backdrop inspired by traditional Arabic architecture, designed by Lancôme. The focal of the design is a stunning Mashrabiya wall, intricately crafted to evoke the charm of Arabian heritage. The latticework motif, meticulously produced in a gold finish, envelopes the space with its intricate patterns, casting beautiful shadows across the airport floor.

Adding to the allure, we produced 3D illuminated logos and lettering, clearly communicating the Lancôme brand to ‘on the go’ travellers. These highlighted accents, strategically positioned throughout the display, serve as focal points, drawing the attention of passers-by and inviting them to explore the world of Lancôme. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Lancôme display serves as a celebration of cultural diversity and inclusivity, creating unity through the universal language of beauty.

The collaboration between Valley and Craftsman provides brands with access to a wealth of expertise derived from extensive industry experience. Holding import and export perfume licenses, we facilitate clients in creating cosmetic promotional displays for both airside and landside locations in International Airports across the Middle East and South West Asia. Leveraging our expansive manufacturing capabilities across the EMEA region, we offer comprehensive services, spanning creative design, manufacturing, and premium installation, enabling brands to reach global audiences seamlessly.