What might a convenience store for Cannabis look like if it was legal?

If you were rolling out a convenience store chain for Cannabis in the UK, what might it look like? Well we don’t know just yet as legalisation hasn’t yet reached British shores. But the Canadian market shows us what might be yet to come in the future should this natural high become an everyday part […]

Urban Mutts – Dog Club & Hotel

Now this caught our attention… They say Britain are a nation of dog lovers, they also say that one of our favourite past times is shopping! Put these together and what do you get? Urban Mutts! The world’s first luxury dog-club and hotel. After a long day exploring London retail, we we’re delighted to happen […]

Digital Consumer Behaviour

To remain relevant in the changing environment, physical retail locations need to adapt by building better links between online and offline touchpoints. ONLINE/OFFLINE BALANCE SHIFTS Retailers grappling to understand a post-pandemic reality often come back to a fundamental question: what will be the balance of in-store vs. online shopping in the future? In a study […]

10 Minutes with…

John Hoyle. Founder & CEO of SOOK Retail has been hit hard by the pandemic for 2 years now. 2022 must be a year of recovery. How do you think the retail landscape will evolve this year? The retail landscape is looking a lot brighter this year with the easing of Omicron fears and Covid […]

Future Retail

Retail is evolving fast! What will it take to be part of the future retail marketplace? Where are you investing? The global COVID-19 pandemic hit retail HARD in 2020. A truly unexpected world event that had a devastating impact on retail, forcing change in the industry and most tellingly, a huge change in consumer shopping […]

City Focus – London

We take a look at some of the challenges affecting London retail, what are the core challenges? London retail, like in many cities, has a had a very challenging 18 months due to the global pandemic. London is often cited as one of the biggest retail cities in the world. With an unrivalled variety of […]

CITY FOCUS – Edinburgh

In recent years Edinburgh has seen significant investment in transport infrastructure and new retail developments, how is the city looking from retail perspective? Edinburgh, like many cities, has a had a very challenging 2 years due to the global pandemic.  However, unlike the majority of UK cities, Edinburgh has opened a number of significant new […]