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Unilever Case Study

Valley works closely with market leading brands within the Unilever portfolio including Graze, Ben and Jerry’s, Magnum and Walls. As well as supporting sales at point of purchase, Valley have helped guide the brands in delivering their wider sustainability objectives.
As a plastic free company, Walls require an environmentally sustainable solution across all their point of purchase and display solutions. Valley have supported the brand in producing everything from display shrouds through to pavement signs made from fully recycled materials servicing supermarkets, theme parks and within OOH and convenience sectors.


When Valley was first introduced to Graze the business was an online proposition delivering healthy and delicious snacks to your door. Our 5 year relationship has allowed us to support the B Corp registered brand in delivering cost efficiencies across their UK distribution of over 5000+ stores.

Graze needed our help and extensive knowledge to scale the brand into the retail arena, so we promptly assisted by placing an experienced shopper marketing professional within Graze’s HQ to assist the team in acquiring a foothold within the UK retail space. We quickly realised that compliance was issue in-store for the brand and established that pre-filling all shippers and pallet displays would be the key to their success in the FMCG promotional display sector. We consistently work with Graze across both their Marketing and Supply teams to improve display ROI in a notoriously difficult sector, always challenging decisions in order to create a long-lasting relationship built on results.

"As an impulse brand heavily prioritising off shelf displays, we would not be where we are today without Valley!"
Britta Bayer, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager, Graze

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