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Microsoft Case Study

Valley is continually trusted by Microsoft to successfully deliver shop-in-shop solutions and in-store projects on a global scale. Working closely with teams across EMEA and in Seattle, we have efficiently launched campaigns from Windows 10 through to the new Surface editions across multiple continents.
Our ongoing production roll out of shop-in-shops across flagship stores is centred around exceptional quality standards, sustainability and efficiency. High quality, premium materials reflect the positioning of the Microsoft brand, whilst modular fixtures allow for bespoke solutions for each instore space requirement.

Engineered to last, each unit is crafted to ensure a beautiful and stylish finish presenting Microsoft products in an elevated manner to the consumer, ahead of the competition. Valley’s ability to consistently deliver quality across territories has achieved a premium display, executed across many international territories to date. Since the roll out, Microsoft have seen an increase in product engagement demonstrating a retail solution which touches the hearts of shoppers.

Alongside manufacturing we successfully produce and manage Microsoft graphics in over 40 countries, ensuring brand campaigns are delivered on time, with impact.

Exceptional quality delivered on a global scale

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