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L'Oréal Case Study

Founded in 1909 in Paris, L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetic company, with a prestigious brand portfolio including Maybelline, Lancôme and Garnier, its product distribution spans over 150 countries worldwide.

Travel retail is key channel for cosmetic brands, important for customer acquisition it is a growing sector in which beauty is the leading category. With this competition comes the challenge of creating a ‘stand out’ captivating moment for shoppers, an opportunity to discover and experience the brand including new and exclusive travel retail products. The premium execution of the ‘Dubai – Paris’ project for Dubai International Airport was vital in delivering L’Oréal’s positioning within the luxury beauty sector. The captivating creative concept, designed by L’Oréal, is inspired by a unique play on an airport environment, with a luxury twist. Expert knowledge in materials and advanced manufacturing capabilities were required to deliver the detailed design, along with experience in compliance and procedure requirements of clients, GTR managers and operators to ensure a seamless delivery into the retail space.

Adding value to the Global Travel Retail sector

The display features custom built monogrammed suitcases sitting alongside 3D printed scale models of the Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa, sprayed in a luxurious gold finish. The display even has a fully functional L’Oréal suitcase trolly and a flight monitor display presenting the brands iconic slogan ‘Because you’re worth it’.

A rotating beauty conveyer belt presents exclusive gifts and travel kits, this custom-made display not only attracts customer attention but acts as a product show case for the brand, easily updatable with new products it’s a reason for customers to explore new ranges. Alongside visual theatrical elements a series of high-quality LED displays present L’Oréal assets along with an ipad encouraging customers to take photos of display and share on social media. Integrated within the cash desk is a UV printing machine which allows customers the opportunity to customise purchases with a name, date and image. A great gifting mechanic to add a touch of personalisation to purchases.

The result? A highly engaging display delivering strong visual impact and wide appeal to an audience rich in diversity across cultures and purchasing power.

The partnership between Valley and Craftsman offers brands access to expertise gained through deep rooted industry experience. We hold import and export perfume licences to assist clients with cosmetic promotional displays both air and land sides for International Airports throughout the Middle East and South West Asia. Through our wide scale manufacturing capabilities across EMEA, we open up the world from creative design and manufacture through to premium installation. We deliver retail experiences which give people reasons to go shopping.

World class travel retail experiences

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