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Beats Case Study

Valley have supported Apple for over 10 years in production, installation and maintenance of in-store fixtures across their European estate.
With a dedicated team successfully managing the maintenance and installation of over 1100 stores Valley was awarded the engineering and production opportunity to support the international retail launch of Beats Studio 2.0. During the campaign roll out we worked closely with the brand on a unique initiative to re-purpose the former retail fixtures into furniture for classrooms. This supported over 200 children’s educational projects across India and Egypt, whilst saving a significant number of materials from landfill.

Valley’s ability to efficiently service countries across EMEA prompted Beats to award Valley with the production contract of Special Projects including dedicated shop in shop spaces within premium retailers. The relationship grew further with the take-over of Beats by Apple, enabling Valley to successfully work within the wider Apple group whilst extending in-store support across the vast Beats estate into airport retailers Dixons and Curry’s PC World.

“We simply could not have had a global roll out of this scale without Valley driving it.”
Head of Global Retail Marketing, Beats

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