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Walk with us: Milan Retail Insight Report

April 3, 2024

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Over the past year, prominent design houses have poured significant investment into revitalising their flagship stores in Milan, heralding a new era of retail experiences designed to drive brand affinity and consumer spending. We headed to the city on our latest Retail Walk to see how the fashion capital is reinventing itself to attract global shoppers.

In this report we reveal how La DoubleJ are using colour drenching to disrupt the mundane, how Dolce & Gabbana leverage the value of their space within a concession environment and how dramatic lighting can enhance the fragrance shopping experience.

As you step foot inside the Fueguia store in central Milan, you are taken on a truly multisensory journey created through ‘evocative materials and ancient crafting techniques’. The Argentinian perfumer, founded by Julian Bedal, has created a unique environment designed to stimulate all the senses, and wow does it deliver!

The store breaks the norm of most retailers and by doing so creates a memorable shopping experience. Products are displayed in a hexagonal format in the centre of the store, where 140 perfumes are raised on a illuminated plinths, in a fully flexible system without wires or batteries…but how? Through a simple method of….

Dolce & Gabbana

When brands appear within a concession environment, they often have limitations of space and retailer parameters to create impact and stand out amongst a sea of brands. This example of Dolce & Gabbana to us is a prime example of how using a few simple rules delivers killer impact.

Why it works?

Creating a zoned space from floor to ceiling gives the feeling of a true shop in shop, even down to the luxe carpet on the floor the brand is delivered in its own curated environment. Using a bold colour such as red, which has been carefully colour matched across multiple substrates, creates knock out impact within the store environment, an instantly recognised beacon for the brand. By presenting luxury products on satin cushions adds personality, as well as elevating the perception by the customer. Customer journey has been considered from window into store with the brand using….