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Walk with us Exploring: Paris

September 27, 2023

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In our most recent Retail Walk held amidst the vibrant streets of Paris, we did more than just walk and talk, we immersed ourselves in some of the finest retail the world has to offer.

Collaborating with industry professionals, we ignited captivating conversations and kindled the flames of creativity, stimulating a wealth of ideas along the way!

During our Retail Walk, we delved into ground breaking retail innovations presented by remarkable brands such as nose, who have developed a unique olfactory journey taking scent from offline to online. We also discovered Lancôme’s innovative approach to personalisation within their retail spaces and how CRAVAN are creating the future of drinking experiences.

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Throughout our journey, we gained insights into how brands are effectively engaging with shoppers, along with those missing the mark- with some key lessons learnt. This report is a must for anyone passionate about creating unique experiences in retail.

Valley’s Retail Walks explore shopping from a consumer perspective. We follow the footsteps taken by a typical shopper exploring everything from independent retail to high street and shopping malls. Also including food and beverages outlets, pop-ups, museums and restaurants as part of our tour.

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