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Walk with us Exploring: Paris insight report

September 27, 2023

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Conversations during our Retail Walks act as catalysts, sparking ideas that ripple across a diverse landscape of retail sectors. Think of them as idea incubators.

Our highly anticipated Paris Retail Walk delivered far more than a conventional exploration of physical retail spaces. Within this report, we capture the essence of our discoveries. The vibrant conversations that unfolded and the innovative ideas that flourished, all inspired by the illustrious city of Paris.

Moët Hennessy, a distinguished member of the LVMH portfolio, has proudly unveiled CRAVAN, a distinctive venue devoted to the celebration of French art de vivre, exceptional cocktails and cultural richness in the vibrant Saint-Germain-des- Prés district of Paris. At the heart of this captivating venue lies a Rizzoli bookstore, meticulously curated by CRAVAN to offer a unique literary experience. Ascending to the upper floors, guests will discover a private, by-invitation- only atelier, alongside a charming mini Parisian ciné- kiosk, destined to screen films on balmy summer evenings. Moët Hennessy seeks to extend its brand essence—a fusion of hospitality, culture, and cocktail artistry—to both local connoisseurs and international visitors.

Redefining shopper journeys

nose stands as a pioneering concept store, driven by the ambitious goal of transforming the landscape of perfumery. At nose, the customer experience takes centre stage, offering a highly personalised approach to fragrance selection. By employing a diagnostic test, the perfumery unveils a curated selection of scents tailored to each individual’s unique preferences and olfactory profile. Since its launch, the dedicated team of experts at nose has meticulously analysed and categorised an impressive array of over 9,000 perfumes. This intensive study of scent compositions has culminated in the creation of an exclusive collection featuring more than 450 distinctive fragrances.