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Walk with us: NYC Retail Insight Report

January 23, 2024

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We kick start our 2024 Retail Walks in NYC, where we see the ever-growing importance of community in retail as it serves its place as the heartbeat to a store’s long-term success. In an era where consumers seek more than just products, a vibrant and engaged community fosters long lasting connections and loyalty, whilst creating a space where customers feel understood and valued.

Focussed on helping to launch new, better for you products, Pop up Grocer’s brilliant ‘experience first’ store in Manhattan is putting the fun back into shopping. Described by the retailer as a ‘grocery utopia’ it is a genius way of uniting new products and emerging brands with audiences who care about ethos and food they consume. Its playful branding and store design centred around 1970’s nostalgia, helps create a ‘Gen Z paradise’, focussing on stocking brands which have values that matter to this audience.

Why it works? A clear shopper strategy, the store understands the importance of stocking basics such as milk and cereal to ensure they deliver convenience as a one stop destination for neighbourhood shoppers, along with hosting in-store events such as community led panels, tastings and classes to widen reach and appeal to new audiences. ITS FUN! The packaging, the messaging, the café, the community…this is what grocery should be about, giving shoppers the opportunity to try new products from like minded brands in a creative environment, FMCG retailers take note.

Alo Yoga winning with savvy marketing

Alo Yoga is a brand on a mission to bring the ‘transformative power of mindfulness, movement and wellness to the world’, with its global store expansion reaching UK shores in 2023 its clear the brand understands the need for a physical presence to deliver its ambition. With the brand pushing from apparel into music, entertainment, wellness education and food it is delivering experiential athleisure by creating a destination within its stores.

From in-house yoga studios to plant based food pop up experiences Alo understand what makes their audience tick, and their staff. The LA headquarters reflect their authentic culture, with solar powered offices, twice daily yoga sessions as well as a mediative zen garden, practising its brand ethos to the core instills authenticity throughout its business.

Through its savvy marketing campaigns, Alo is stealing marketshare from bigger brands such as Nike and Lululemon, boasting a 35% sales increase in Q4 2023. Its pivot away from reliance on email to SMS marketing has boosted sales and brought in new customers to store, with SMS marketing accounting for driving 4% of Alo’s revenue during the 2023 holidays (source Modern Retail Jan 2024).