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Walk with us Exploring: London Insight Report

October 11, 2023

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Autumn 2023

Our Autumn London Retail Walk revealed how retailers are addressing the challenge of waiting times for customers at peak times of trade. In this report we take a look at some retailers taking the opportunity to re-define the ‘waiting experience’.

As the emphasis on sustainable and conscious design becomes more focal, we take a closer look at retailers demonstrating their commitment to environmental initiatives. Through store design, materials and wider educational strategies, retail can play a pivotal role in shaping the mindset of the consumer, fostering brand loyalty and a healthier planet.

Located at Hamad International Airport in Doha, the new Louis Vuitton Lounge by Yannick Alléno represents the latest dining experience in an ongoing collaboration with the three Michelin-star chef, in partnership with Qatar Duty Free. There are two types of travellers at airports: those who arrive many hours before their departure time to shop, relax, and fully prepare for their trip, and those who are in a hurry to reach the terminal only. Once the stress of check-in is complete, airports become perfect destinations to spend extended amounts of time before a flight, and for the best brands, it’s an opportunity to fully immerse customers in their universe. This is a perfect example of that, travellers can engage their senses and enjoy a multi-dimensional Louis Vuitton experience without feeling the frustration of waiting.

Fabrica X: Shaping shopper mindset

Fabrica X is a unique concept store combining retail with education, aiming to accelerate innovations for sustainability, environmental and social impact through celebrating new developments in biomaterials in textiles and lifestyle products. The retail space not only acts as a showcase for innovation, but it encourages shoppers to touch and feel the materials first hand in their experiential zone. Throughout this experience the customer learns how common food waste and natural materials can be transformed into new life.

By combining education alongside retail gives shoppers the opportunity to physically see the direct benefits of biomaterial development and what can be achieved. It enhances learning in a more engaging and effective manner, by bringing education into a retail space reaches a wider market who may not have otherwise been reached had this experience been delivered in an educational space.