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Walk with us Exploring: Berlin

September 14, 2023

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Retail Walk

Our Retail Walks offer a captivating glimpse into the innovative tactics that brands employ in the ever-evolving realm of physical retail.

Within this report, we embark on an expedition through the streets of Berlin, immersing ourselves in its constantly evolving retail scene. From iconic flagship stores to cutting-edge retail concepts, we unveil the distinctive narratives behind each storefront.

In an increasingly digital retail environment, offering a unique in-store experience can be the differentiating factor. Media Markt Tech Village is Europe’s biggest retailer boutique concept. The “Tech Village” focuses on providing not just products but also an experiential environment for customers.

The store layout approach is intelligent and maps a clear shopper journey. Each floor features a central marketplace that serves as an anchor, where customers can find a wide range of basic products. Surrounding the central marketplace are boutique-like areas run by specific partners like JBL, offering specialised products and experiences in shop in shop areas. These areas allow for on-the-spot expertise to be available, providing in-depth consultations for customers.

Retail has become a game of seduction

KaDeWe’s impressive scale, as the largest department store in continental Europe, transforms it into something akin to a bustling cityscape. Within its expansive dimensions lies a labyrinth of walkways, plazas and distinct neighbourhoods which host a multitude of activities. These extensive spaces offer a diverse range of opportunities for brand activations, social interactions, and cultural experiences to unfold.

The space is divided into 4 quadrants, targeted at different shoppers- classic, experimental, young and generic, each delivering a different experience, allowing the store to focus its product and brand offering. We are seeing more landmark stores, such as Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Selfridges London, redefining department store purposes and traditions. The sheer scale of the spaces they inhabit allow them to do what others can’t, becoming event spaces and galleries.

“Some day all department stores will become museums and all museums will become department stores.”

Andy Warhol