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Top of the P.O.Ps

May 16, 2024

You need to know the rules, to know how to break them. By challenging the norm in retail is how we gain greater impact in-store for brands. From disrupting the shopper journey, to maximising product holding and delivering award winning customer experiences, this is how we do it…

Canesten double blip

When Superdrug took the decision to remove branded headers from shelf displays, Bayer had a challenge- how to make their products stand out from competition with reduced visibility.

The solution? An innovative approach to space planning.

By creating a 2-tier product holding using the space which would previously have been occupied by a header, we disrupted the linear run on a shelf, using scale to step outside the norm and break into shoppers’ consciousness. Whilst also doubling stock holding, the design was able to act as a beacon for the brand, with side fins creating stand out brand visibility for shoppers as they walked down the store aisle.

Amazon Eco display

Valley were tasked by Amazon to engineer a cost effective, sustainable solution to securely display its range of Blink home security devices as part of a European roll out, challenge accepted!

The result was a resounding success. We created an innovative in-store display, characterised by sustainability, lightweight construction and exceptional strength. Our solution significantly slashed costs, enabling Blink to make a wider, more significant impact at retail. Despite its economical nature, the display maintains a premium look and finish, offering comparable aesthetics to a permanent unit at less than a quarter of the price.

Si Armani Global Travel Retail

Armani understands that the modern traveller seeks more than just products, they crave a memorable shopping experience. The use of attraction lights plays a pivotal role in this storytelling approach, with the Si branding central to the design, created from replica bottles elevated using gold plated finish podiums.

The design by Armani, skilfully integrates lighting elements that not only highlight the products but evoke a sense of glamour and sophistication. We ensured that the play of lights was choreographed to enhance the ambiance, creating an atmosphere that mirrors the essence of the brands identity.

B-Corp shippers

For our B Corp customers we design with minimal excess card, without compromising on stockholding or durability. With some clever out of the box thinking, we can make efficiencies in materials, and costs, reducing environmental impact whilst helping our B Corp customers get noticed in-store!

Asahi Super Dry permanent FSDU

By positioning the Asahi Super Dry display adjacent to Sushi Gourmet counters in Sainsbury’s stores reinforces the perfect food pairing, offering shoppers a convenient grab-and-go option, whist securing a second point of purchase for the brand.

Asahi had struggled previously with temporary cardboard displays managing to withstand the weight of products. Our display solution is robust and designed to last in-store, ensuring the Asahi brand retains its premium positioning. The permanent display ingeniously positions the brand at the heart of occasions relevant to the target consumer, fostering a strong association with food. By providing Asahi with out-of-category presence in high-traffic areas, we successfully stimulated impulse purchases and drove sales for the brand.

Berocca temporary FSDU

Throughout all our projects, scale is a key element in approach to design, ensuring every inch of space is maximised to deliver impact and strong brand presence in-store. By continually challenging convention and retailer guidelines, we are able to elevate brands and product within competitive store environments. In this example for Berocca, we created a giant tube display, grabbing shoppers’ attention with a unique and playful design. With some clever engineering we were also able to double the stock holding of the unit, offering space for 120 products across 5 flavours.

Marshall interactive display

Our multi award winning display for Marshall, in partnership with Studio C02, scooped GOLD at this year’s Shop! Global awards! But what’s so great about it? User experience was at the heart of the design, with quick play demo functionality allowing shoppers to instantly play their own music from their smartphone on any of the 4 speakers for a true side-by-side product comparison.

By tracking metrics such as the most listened-to speaker, dwell time at the display and performance across stores, offers actionable insights that empower Marshall to make informed decisions and optimise their retail strategies.

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