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Revolutionising POS Displays for Amazon

March 5, 2024

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No ordinary display

In an era marked by budgetary constraints for both brands and retailers, the challenge to amplify efforts and efficiency in capturing shopper attention at the point of purchase is more critical than ever. “How can we optimise our budget for greater impact?” is a question we are asked frequently by our customers.

With the ongoing cost of living crisis driving consumers to be more discerning in their purchasing decisions, ensuring a right place, right time approach for Consumer Electronics brands within physical retail is more important than ever. The ability to expand brand visibility generates more opportunities to see, and more opportunities to sell!

Retail giant Amazon are the global leader in smart home surveillance. In an environment where consumers now have a wide range of accessible and user-friendly home security options at their fingertips, the challenge for them lies in maintaining market share amidst an escalating competitive landscape.

Valley were tasked by Amazon to engineer a cost effective, sustainable solution to securely display its range of Blink home security devices as part of a European roll out, challenge accepted!

The result was a resounding success. We created an innovative in-store display, characterised by sustainability, lightweight construction and exceptional strength. Our solution significantly slashed costs, enabling Blink to make a wider, more significant impact at retail. Despite its economical nature, the display maintains a premium look and finish, offering comparable aesthetics to a permanent unit at less than a quarter of the price.

‘’These displays are made from 80% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, stores can simply put them in the waste paper after use.’’

Our solution empowered the brand to extend the rollout to a broader store distribution, granting them a physical presence in 500 new locations where budget constraints had previously posed limitations. With further roll outs planned for 2024, the outcome demonstrates the impact of a well-executed, cost-effective in-store display strategy in navigating challenging market dynamics. Another piece of out of the box thinking from Valley.

“We offered a premium look and finish, for less than a quarter of the price of a permanent unit. By doing this the brand were able to extend the roll out to a wider store distribution, giving them physical presence where they previously didn’t have budget for.”

Jonathan Haggas, MD, Valley