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Retail Genius: Muji flagship Copenhagen

March 20, 2023

In amongst the hip boutiques and stylish interior stores of Copenhagen, the eco-friendly Muji flagship store stands out from the rest. Why? Because it puts the shopper journey at the heart of the experience. We took a closer look at the reasons why we didn’t want to leave this example of retail genius.

Photo source: Dr Retail


Close attention has been paid to detail throughout the Muji store concept, from the products sourced through to the artisan produced interiors. The store feels genuine and has a story to tell. The TeaHouse counter has been beautifully crafted in willow whip using a traditional Danish technique, whilst wood used throughout the store has been reclaimed from locations across Denmark. TeaHouse is situated towards the back of the store, with views over the bustling Copenhagen shopping district it’s a space for shoppers to take time out and enjoy a cup of tea along with traditional Japanese pastries.

  • Why it works? Increasing shopper in store dwell time and supporting communities through collaboration with local artisans.

Photo source: Dr Retail

Muji Local Market

Including locally grown, small batch foods alongside carefully curated Japanese products, Muji Local Market offers a unique selection of products to the shopper. All items purchased in the market can be consumed in the café area which further enhances shopper convenience as well as helping to drive repeat purchase. The space also allows shoppers to explore authentic Japanese cooking, with recipe books, ingredients and utensils all available to purchase.

  • Why it works? A great approach to widening shopper horizons by introducing multicultural products alongside the familiarity of locally sourced produce.

Photo source: Dr Retail

Children’s play area

Muji have partnered with Team Lab to create an interactive play space for children in the heart of the store. This space is a great idea to encourage more time spent in-store, even allocating space to a designated buggy park area. The space features interactive screen games for older children along with soft play for babies.

  • Why it works? Shopping with children is often overlooked in retail design, yet plays a vital role in shopper satisfaction.

Photo source: Dr Retail


For a small fee shoppers can personalise items purchased in-store using the embroidery service. With over 300 designs to choose from, the workshop space is adorned with design ideas to help inspire shoppers from canvas tote bags to t-shirts. The area also helps to convey a sense of craftsmanship and is conveniently placed next to the Childrenswear department.

  • Why it works? Drives additional shopper spend, whilst the location in store is prime for personalisation of children’s clothes and accessories.

Photo source: Dr Retail

Gallery space

Situated next to the TeaHouse is an art installation space showcasing works from local artists. Currently displaying creative ideas titled ‘Blue Japan’ the area offers a public space for artists to showcase works to new audiences, further strengthening the community aspect of the store.

  • Why it works? Helps add a sense of individuality to the concept, whilst the rotating installations give reasons for shoppers to keep returning.

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