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POPAI 2023: Multi-award nominated!

July 10, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Valley have received 4 nominations at the 2023 POPAI awards.

The much-anticipated announcement from POPAI confirmed Valley have been successful in being placed for multiple awards across categories including, Pharmacy and Wellbeing, Consumer Electronics and Wholesale. We take a look at the best in creativity and in-store excellence...

Microsoft MISX

Consumer Electronics

300+ stores across EMEA

POPAI nominated

One of the biggest ever retail shop in shop roll outs. Valley developed an outstanding, modular premium shop in shop solution, centred around exceptional quality standards to enhance the shopper experience, elevating Microsoft above competitors in the CE category. With the flexibility of modular design allowing a bespoke solution to be created to maximise impact and brand presence across 300+ EMEA stores. Our end-to-end component management system offers live, full visibility of the project, whilst our European manufacturing capabilities ensure complete control and confidence in quality through our stringent QC compliance. We engineered a shop in shop solution to last. With interchangeable comms and flexible display space, we future proofed the design to maximise life span, reducing environmental impact and cost.


‘The display furniture itself looks impressive (and it is), but as with most things retail, the magic happens when our trained retail experts help the customer to find that perfect device. We’ve improved the layout of laptops, segmented by customer user cases making them easier to find and easier to compare. It’s an amazing space to buy your new notebook device in.’

Ainsley Sykes, Head of Commercial Initiatives, Retail Design & Tech at Curry’s

Nordic Spirit


100 Wholesale Tobacco Rooms, including Bestway

POPAI nominated

Our premium display leverages trust in the brand, leading the market with a contemporary and dynamic design approach inspired by the Nordic Spirit branding. An unmissable, impactful display which disrupts the non-combustible tobacco space. Through intelligent design and engineering, we increased product holding without compromising on functionality, aiding both retailer and shopper convenience. This display delivers a unique approach to market, taking a prime retail solution into a wholesale environment delivering a highly effective ‘best in class’ display for the brand.

‘’We worked with Valley to create an innovative, eye-catching and sustainable unit to showcase our brand in wholesale depots. The unit makes an impact with illumination, bright colours and unique layout. The process of making the unit was easy and straightforward due to excellent communication and account management.’’

Marwa Rashidi, Merchandising Solutions Executive, JTI


Consumer Electronics

In partnership with Studio CO2

200+ Currys stores

POPAI nominated

Marshall needed a display solution that would really earn its place in-store, that would allow multiple product updates through its lifespan and be true to the spirit of Marshall audio. We specialise in customer journeys, and realise that ‘analogue’ displays just don’t fulfil the modern consumer’s needs.

The solution? We created a robust, secure, adaptable and attractive display, meeting retailer guidelines (there’s a LOT of technology in a very small space!) AND providing a digital content-led solution that meets Marshall’s needs.

Not only are we delivering an experience for the consumer, but with built-in CMS, independent 4G connectivity and a touchscreen display gives valuable data to the client: which speaker is being listened to most, how long do they spend at the display, which are the top performing stores… the list goes on. Even running short-term seasonal promotions on the screen can be live immediately from HQ, with  instantly visible results! The metrics, and long life-span give this display real ROI.

‘’This display project has transformed the way we can bring the benefits of digital into a physical retail experience. As well as being able to deliver content instantly, for the first time we’re getting a real insight into usage analytics and therefore the ROI, even down at individual store level.’’

Richard Chatley, Trade Marketing and Marcom Manager UK, Zound Industries


Pharmacy and Wellbeing

100 Superdrug stores

POPAI nominated

A beacon of empowerment, this display is a role model for delivering what every great POS should. It increases trust and brand visibility with bold messaging, encourages shopper engagement through enhanced educational experiences using QR codes, whilst aiding shopper convenience by curating multiple products to support women’s health, driving product sales.

We created a phygital shopper experience, combining both physical and digital touchpoints. This helped the brand to connect with consumers on a more meaningful level, encouraging interaction with the display whilst delivering a seamless brand experience from online into store.  We were able to take this one step further by offering live data to Bayer on store compliance and shopper engagement analytics. By adding our unique TapScan location POS tracker, we gave the brand full visibility of campaign activation, we gained interesting insight for the brand to drive the success of future campaigns.

‘’Valley went above and beyond in their approach to the project, providing additional solutions such as eye tracking and enabling TapScan technology for the QR code to The Truth Undressed site. They offered a comprehensive, solutions-based service and their account management was impeccable throughout.

Katie Roberts, Shopper Marketing Manager, Bayer

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