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NRF 2023: Have we found the fitting room of the future?

January 18, 2023

Bricks and mortar stores continue to deliver shopper experiences which remain out of the realms of online retail. The ability to immediately try on products and touch materials to assess quality, the fitting room is the place where shoppers make decisions.

In the NRF Innovation Lab we discovered one brand revolutionising the fitting room experience. Fit:MATCH is an innovative platform, by allowing customers to scan themselves it only matches product which it knows will fit. Shoppers are then given the option to select pieces to be delivered to their fitting room by sales assistants, taking pain points out of the fitting room experience. Fit Xperience is an app led technology being integrated in all new bricks and mortar store locations as part of the Savage x Fenty store roll out. An ingenious piece of technology which we see being adopted across wider retail categories.

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Photo credit: Fit:Match