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NRF 2023: Convenience reigns

January 17, 2023

As customer demand for convenience continued to dominate retail conversations at the show, we were impressed with Drone Up, the US distribution service offering delivery times of 30 minutes or less! This incredible service enables food, grocery and apparel items to arrive on your doorstep quicker than any vehicle delivery.

Convenience delivery working to enhance in-store shopping experiences

We want to see this innovation combined with in-store shopping. No product size or colour availability in-store? Goods can be immediately dispatched from the warehouse direct to the shopper’s home to retain sales and deliver customer satisfaction.

A great initiative but can it scale? Drone Up have partnered with Walmart to bring drone delivery services to 4m households across the U.S, although no plans as yet to expand into wider territories. With Amazon’s new Prime Air drone delivery due to start this year and Boots successfully completing the first ever delivery of prescription medicines by drone, it would seem the sky’s the limit for convenience delivery.

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