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Building the hype for Puma to engage millions on social

May 2, 2024

← Building the hype for Puma to engage millions on social


Hitting a few million, sounds good right?

Creating a buzz on social media is tough, with a staggering 65,000 posts every minute on Instagram alone, brands face the daunting task of standing out amidst the constant stream of content. In such a crowded space, securing meaningful engagement and visibility for products is increasingly challenging. We helped Puma achieve a multi million audience reach, driving visibilty and conversation amongst key communities.

For brands investing in social media campaigns, leveraging ambassadors and influencers to reach their audience has become a cornerstone strategy. These trusted voices hold sway over highly engaged communities, making user-generated content a powerful tool for amplifying brand reach and driving ROI. Studies show that a whopping 92% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations over traditional ads, highlighting the importance of securing authentic and compelling posts from influencers.

For the launch of their new golf footwear ranges, Cobra Avant and PhantomCat Nitro, Puma were looking for a stand out ‘WOW’ moment, turning to Valley to create an unboxing occasion for global ambassadors as they excitedly unveiled their new footwear.

The result? Out of the box thinking (literally!) We created a ground breaking design that seamlessly elevates and reveals the footwear in one fluid motion, creating an unforgettable, ‘Instagrammable’ moment. The engineering behind the design was no small feat, requiring meticulous attention to detail to ensure a flawless reveal every time.

Our skilled engineering team had to create a universal solution despite different shoe sizes, weights and styles all impacting the balance and functionality of the movement, using minimal materials, ensuring the box was lightweight yet robust enough to be posted!

The response was nothing short of phenomenal. Ambassadors’ enthusiasm for the Puma box sparked a social media frenzy, generating high levels of engagement and exposure across platforms. This strategic approach not only amplified brand visibility but also fostered loyalty among Puma’s fan base. With innovative tech-led footwear and a captivating unboxing experience, Puma successfully positioned itself at the forefront of the conversation within the golf community and beyond, achieving great results for Puma through impact on Instagram and wider social channels.