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Balenciaga – The high flying brand

December 23, 2022

Something a bit different from us today… You’ve all heard of BALENCIAGA right? You know, the Spanish brand that produce those elasticated black trainers with the big sole, popular with (affluent) young adults. In the last 2 weeks, they have landed some pretty impressive brand statements in London and in the fashion world and we wanted to share them with you.


London Flagship – Sloane Street

Their new London flagship opened on the 21st September on Sloane Street and it’s pretty raw… that’s raw steel and raw concrete to be blunt. Couple this with a sharp lighting design and it creates a striking retail aesthetic, for the brand to showcase their most in demand products. Definitely one store to visit the next time you’re in London.

Piccadilly ‘deepscreen’ AR

To showcase their collab with FORTNITE, BALLENCIAGA took over the famous screen in London’s Piccadilly with a ‘deepscreen’ AR experience, which is essentially a gamer avatar with a bulldog’s head, chilling on a branded cushion – oh yes, and wearing a BALENCIAGA/FORTNITE hoodie too.

An Innovative, disruptive and memorable digital moment from the mega-fashion-brand.

BALENCIAGA + The Simpsons @ Paris Fashion Week Summer 2022

Now this IS special and never seen before. Luxury fashion brands spend millions on promotional campaigns to promote their new season range – they want to get the industry and their consumers talking – and excited. Disruptive and attention grabbing activations have to be disruptive by definition, that’s the point. How about commissioning a ten minute episode of the worlds biggest and longest running cartoon sitcom? Unbelievably, that’s what BALENCIAGA have done, collaborating with THE SIMPSONS and have produced something brilliant! A funny and self-aware short film featuring, not just the Simpson family, but many of the much loved residents of Springfield too, all attending Paris Fashion and modelling the Summer 2022 BALENCIAGA range. Watch it below, it’s just brilliant!

BALENCIAGA are a hot brand and can do no wrong in the eyes of their consumer at the moment. Brand exposure and promotion of this type, isn’t easy or cheap, but it helps the brand maintain their strong position in the zeitgeist of contemporary fashion culture.