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    New Technology Client – Nikon

    Viewpoint Lite | 16/12/21

    We were delighted to be asked by NIKON to develop new branded unitary to showcase their wide range of digital SLR’s and lenses, within John Lewis & Partners. Naturally we jumped at the chance to work with leaders in the photographic industry!

    Following a speedy briefing and design phase in November, we ‘zoomed-in’ and ‘focused’ on delivering a branded space that lands the NIKON brand with impact at the point of purchase.

    A key objective was to create a branded space that encouraged the shopper to engage with the full range of NIKON products and inform their product selection, helping them choose a camera that meets their needs. To do this, we introduced TAPSCAN to the scheme, encouraging the consumer to interact and learn more about each product type. This created valuable data, helping the brand track web traffic and identify most popular models and price points.

    From a brand design perspective, we were able to play with NIKON’s iconic brand colours of yellow and black, creating instant standout amongst competitors. We finished off the branded space with high-bright NIKON brand signage, to cement brand awareness and shopper recall.

    The unitary shown here is placed focally within the John Lewis Technology department on Oxford Street. A further 5 more will be rolled out in their regional flagships in the new year and in key locations with other retailers.

    From brief to delivery in 3 weeks! Quick as a flash!



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