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    The Valley Group

    Retail marketing group creating powerful in-store solutions, driven by insight, knowledge and creativity

    Shopper Marketing

    Converting shoppers at Point of Purchase

    Valley optimises activation to accelerate growth. With over 125 years’ experience, we now successfully support brand initiatives along the whole path to purchase from sofa to shelf. We design and deliver campaigns which include a broad portfolio of mechanics.

    Growth based on insight

    It all starts with a source of inspiration. This could be a specific insight or a category initiative. It could be a brand or a customer activity. Then we apply further insights. What do we know about the shopper and why they are shopping and buying the category? What is stopping shoppers from buying the clients product? What do we need to do to trigger purchase? Understanding the target shopper allows us to align the best mechanics to the campaign’s objective, to deliver the optimal return.

    Changing behaviours to drive performance

    To meet brand performance objectives, we need to change shopper behaviour long-term. By understanding shopper needs and occasions, and integrating this knowledge into our planning, shopper activation is maximised. This aligned to an understanding of which mechanics work and deliver the best return, ensures that we drive performance. Using tried and tested methodologies, we are able to prove the return from the activation and then build this knowledge into any future activities.

    Commercial excellence to accelerate commercial deliverables

    We support clients in delivering competitive advantage by optimising their shopper marketing activity. This drives shopper behaviour change and supports the clients plans with their customers. Delivering revenue generating activities contributes to a clients’ competitive advantage and category management plans. Targeted and focussed shopper activities are a key part of a clients’ commercial offering.

    Brand performance

    Today Valley develops and delivers an omnichannel approach that connects shoppers to brands in all channels. Our tools and solutions build a shopper marketing proposition that supports a category strategy or optimises brand performance. Our objective is to convert shopper behaviour at point of purchase be that digital or physical.


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