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We know shoppers would like to engage with
dynamic digital experiences
through physical displays in-store.
We also
of consumers use
smartphones in-store

with 83% of these customers saying they want their shopping experience personalised.
McKinsey & Co. 28 April 2020
As such, brands invest heavily on in-store
activity, but not always on delivering it in
the right place
at the right time
Now, with our new geo-location platform:
we can deliver dynamic, no app needed,
digital content in-store,
while also addressing the age old problem of
and as a result, accelerate ROI
by over 95%
So with just the
tap of a phone
or the
scan of a QR code
you’ll know...
...if your
is up and selling product as it should be...
and also
& when
any shopper interactions are taking place you
immediate & accurate
control over your campaigns...
...ensuring correct exposure to your audience, and your subsequent returns are


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