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    Retail marketing group creating powerful in-store solutions, driven by insight, knowledge and creativity

    What do you get when 200 employees from different teams are designing and producing packaging, signage and POS without a streamlined process or brand oversight?

    Duplicated work, loss of brand integrity and a lot of wasted money. In fact, when the Gillette team did the sums, it was estimated that a solution could save P&G over €30 million in one year alone.

    Our web-based, tablet friendly management system allowed users to access predefined, brand-approved templates. Pre-defined copy, barcodes, legal blurb and other assets were loaded so users could drag, drop and save files. We also developed an approval routing system, all pre-defined by each user’s role within the organisation. The most impressive feature was a send-to-printer function whereby an approved file would be assigned an item code and sent to the printer. The printer reconciled the code, tied it back to the pre-approved assets and produced and shipped the item in question.

    All of this delivered in 90 days, presented to P&Gs executive committee and given the green light for further funding and development.

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