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    Feb’s Top 10 Brand & Retail Activations

    The Valley team has brought you 10 more inspirational brand and retail activations from around


    How not to Fail with your Point of Sale

    Don’t order a single FSDU or retail display until you’ve read this: We’ve taken our


    The Age of the Insperience

    Since the first lockdown in March 2020, retailers have been forced to rethink their business


    What is a Glorifier and what does a digital version look like?

    A “glorifier” in the context of an in-store display is something that creates stand-out. Here


    Are Robots the future of Retail Theatre?

    For decades, the retail sector has used a host of strategies to offer theatre and


    Valley’s top 10 brand and retail activations of the week

    Every week, we put together an edit of some of the best, most innovative and


    How new Electric vehicle charge stations will change Forecourt Retailing

    The UK’s first electricity-only car charging station opened in December in Braintree, Essex, UK which


    Cool Kitchen!

    Is this the coolest breakfast bar you've ever seen? This is what happens when you let a car nut design your kitchen!

    Dr.Retail meets jolly Olly Smith!

    The Valley Group's very own Dr.Retail met wine expert Olly Smith at the recent Three Wine Men event at Manchester Town Hall. All in the name of research, you understand!


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