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    Decentralised Retail: When Retail and out of the box thinking come together

    Decentralised retail  Recently we explored future formats of shopping malls, but should we have all


    Why you simply must read Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to his shareholders

    As retail gets into full swing, what are customer expectations when visiting physical stores? We’ve


    Why we can’t wait to get our hair cut at Amazon’s new salon

    Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon Salon, a new salon where customers can experience


    What’s the future of how shopping districts are formatted?

    The term retail is medieval in origin and comes from the French ateliers who ‘retailler’


    Retail and the circular economy

    Nike has just launched a new refurbishment program where lightly worn or imperfect goods are


    Ask Valley for a sustainable materials audit (ft McDonalds)

    McDonalds has just opened its new energy efficient global flagship restaurant at Walt Disney World


    IKEA and the new Retail Sustainability

    When it comes to sustainability there are currently two types of businesses, those that see


    Can Carbon labels actually influence what people consume?

    A growing number of brands, retailers and restaurant groups are adding carbon labels to products


    Digital transformation across retail has accelerated exponentially, but where is the real innovation happening?

    Snapchat has acquired Fit Analytics, a startup based in Berlin that’s built technology to help shoppers



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