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    Retail marketing group creating powerful in-store solutions, driven by insight, knowledge and creativity

    Black Friday 2021

    We are in the final run-down to Christmas 2021. Black Friday deals are over and

    Cool Kitchen!

    Is this the coolest breakfast bar you've ever seen? This is what happens when you let a car nut design your kitchen!

    Dr.Retail meets jolly Olly Smith!

    The Valley Group's very own Dr.Retail met wine expert Olly Smith at the recent Three Wine Men event at Manchester Town Hall. All in the name of research, you understand!

    Trick or treat!

    The ultimate Halloween Spooktacular? What could be more frightening than this?! Dr.Retail plays with his pumpkins in this selfie-centred pumpkin display in Waitrose!

    Everything is awesome!

    Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of the team! Especially when the team is Lego, and you can turn yourself into your very own mini-figure with this cool retail bag!

    World’s coolest headphone display?

    Do Selfridges in London have the world's coolest headphone display in this upturned Mini? We certainly think so. Thanks to Alex Springett at Multplx for sharing the photo!

    Fendi Flowerland Pops Up at Selfridges

    To celebrate the woman's SS16 collection, Fendi have launched a Flowerland pop up including a unique flower shop and stamp designed specifically for Selfridges.

    Covent Garden Moment of Reflection Renovations

    The 'Reflect London' installation at Covent Garden is being used to conceal building works on the Grade II listed landmark and looks AMAZING, don't you agree?!

    Moncler in Zermatt

    Well if we didn't want to go skiing before, we do now!

    Cadbury egg ‘n’ spoon

    Not the best retail merchandising we've seen by Cadbury...

    Tesco Preparing for the Couples this Valentine’s Day

    ... Again, no comment

    Tesco Preparing for the Single Ladies this Valentine’s Day

    ... No comment

    Lord and Taylor combat scaffolding with festive flourishes

    Scaffolding is never pretty but at least it can be festive!

    Mr Kipling proves displays are better with cake

    A display made entirely of cupcakes by Mr Kipling... Where are ours?!

    Experiential marketing at it’s finest in Copenhagen

    Try before you buy... Dr Retail loves this!

    Storm Abigail causes Flood Warnings in Yorkshire

    ... and yes, this is an actual warning sign!!

    Don’t worry you look great

    A nice touch in a Leeds based rest room....needless to say it's in the mens

    Valley Takeover England Rugby

    Think a few players took the wrong turn after the bar!

    Louboutin welcome Autumn

    Welcoming the Autumn in Louboutin style- Yellow heels and all!

    Ahead of the competition

    As seen in New York: FedEx’s brilliant on-van branding means they are always ahead of the competition!

    Sky’s the limit!!

    Our own Ane Brentford is now competing in the world skydiving championships in Dubai. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE VIDEO

    Having fun with Fanta

    Why use the escalator when this is so much more fun!!

    Creative POS by Pampers

    We love the way Pampers are delivering their new baby products.

    As seen just off Marylebone Road

    How effective is that?

    Mind that shopper!

    Dr Retail loves this!

    Fantastic Iconic Shop Front

    Jonathan Haggas with his best mate Keith Lemon

    The following morning wasn't pleasant for him!

    Tricked into doing this!

    Graeme modelling the 2014 Christmas card gear, he never thought he would make it famous with this picture

    Top Shit

    As seen in Amsterdam in a window of a vintage clothing store.


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