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    Creating Some Christmas Cheer!

    Viewpoint Lite | 24/02/22

    Towards the end of 2021. William Grant & Sons asked Valley to help them deliver an impactful, engaging, and interactive branded space for their full range of spirits, within Sainsburys stores. This activation was timed to be live in stores in December, allowing us to explore a ‘Winter Wonderland’ aesthetic. We wanted to create an immersive and magical space, creating true stand out at the point of purchase. But what’s impact without data? We also added Tapscan to the activation, creating an engaging space for the consumer and generating some important product specific consumer data!

    This activation was far from ordinary. A premium and immersive space, disruptively positioned in a key position in store. Promoting the William Grants product ranges as ‘Gifting’ products. This activation was placed in Sainsbury’s biggest and highest footfall stores. The data we immediately obtained through Tapscan, was instant proof of consumer interaction and product selection. Sales we up +130% on some products, exceeding the customers expectation.

    This project required much more consideration, for materials and aesthetics than the usual ‘paper and card’ shopper FSDU. We were required to use existing steel unitary in store, usually used for paper and card gifts and homeware and transform these units into a highly effective themed area. A high level of testing was required when it came to fixing methods, as we knew everything needed to ‘work’ without fail. Our installation team visited each location to set-up the spaces.

    In the background we created bespoke landing pages for each product, discoverable via the scannable QR codes. Our Tapscan service created an opportunity for us to obtain data immediately. This allowed WG&S to see which products the consumer was interacting with. This data also helped the Sainsburys team understand how effective the activation was from a consumer interaction perspective – not just sales.

    A significant branded space for WG&S, in one of the top 4 grocers. The prominence of the space ensured that consumers ‘couldn’t miss’ their brand and range of products. We created a unique, disruptive, and engaging space to showcase the WG&S range of spirits. This activation was highly innovative in its use of space, creative assets, messaging, and interactive touchpoints.

    Also, we LOVE getting feedback like this!

    “This is such an engaging piece of activation! We asked William Grant to create a one-stop-shop to cater for 3 key spirits trends – at home cocktails, gifting and trade up – and this has exceeded our expectation. We’re thrilled with the outcome.” Natasha Marroni, BWS Category Planner

    “A wonderful activation to cap off the year, you’ve set the bar for all other suppliers” Will Case, BWS Buying Manager