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    Urban Mutts – Dog Club & Hotel

    Viewpoint Lite | 14/10/21

    Now this caught our attention…

    They say Britain are a nation of dog lovers, they also say that one of our favourite past times is shopping! Put these together and what do you get? Urban Mutts! The world’s first luxury dog-club and hotel.

    After a long day exploring London retail, we we’re delighted to happen upon this new ‘canine hospitality’ service. Conveniently situated contiguous to car park A at Westfield White City. The owner can drop off their pooch at Urban Mutts with ease and partake in some retail therapy in White City, whilst the dog chills out at the ‘dog-club’.




    The Urban Mutts space is bright, bold, fun and engaging. A wide range of services allows you to pamper your pooch, services include: Spa; Trim; Wash ‘n’ go and Nail treatments. There are of course attentive services that focus on your dog’s health and wellbeing, such as: 1-2-1 trainers; Nutritionists; Acupuncture and Massage. There is of course, short and long term kennel services in the Dog Hotel. The sleep huts are, as you’d expect, clean warm and well ventilated, with ambient mood lighting and a design aesthetic that is more homely than you’d expect from an ordinary kennel service. Urban Mutts is far from ordinary!



    The Urban Mutts concept has got legs – 4 of them in fact! We’re sure that you’ll see the name pop-up in other London locations soon as word gets out about their service proposition.

    Why do we like Urban Mutts? As a dog owners, looking after our dogs puts a smile on our face, being with our dogs is important for their happiness, health and wellbeing, they’re a big part of our family life. The biggest reason? We can now take our dogs with us, when we go on our next London retail safari! Brilliant!


    Urban Mutts Photo: Courtesy of Urban Mutts Hotels Ltd.


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