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    Viewpoint Lite | 16/09/21

    Here at Valley, we don’t often report on when new brands or products first enter the market. After all, our main focus is the brand and in-store activation part of the value chain. However, this piece of news we couldn’t help but share. Discount retailer ALDI has teamed up with our beloved client Tony’s Chocolonely to launch an exclusive range called CHOCO CHANGER which features 3 fair-trade bars that will be on sale in the UK (and other European countries). More specifically, ALDI has joined Tony’s Open Chain, an industry-led initiative that helps chocolate brands transform their cocoa supply chains and become sustainability frontrunners.

    According to Tony’s Open Chain – members take responsibility for:

      1.  An open and transparent chain, where issues are always brought out in the open so they can be solved
      2. Direct and equal business relations throughout the entire chain
      3. Paying a higher price which makes a living income achievable for farmers
      4. Ending modern slavery and illegal child labour in cocoa by setting a new industry standard

    ALDI are not the only chocolate retailer to join Tony’s Open Chain. German chocolate company JOKOLADE and also Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn have signed up to the program.

    The adoption of this programme by other manufacturers goes to show the global impact that ethically positioned brands like Tony’s Chocolonely can have in not just growing their own share of the market, but in campaigning to get a fairer, more equitable supply chain underway across an entire industry.

    If you’d like to see some of the in-store activation work we’ve done with Tony’s – take a look HERE



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