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    A Sizzling Summer for Valley

    Viewpoint Lite | 19/08/21

    It’s been a sizzling summer here at the Valley Group. Something we mean quite literally. If you’re not a client, you won’t have enjoyed one of Dr Retail’s legendary BBQs that we hold throughout the summer months. It’s a chance to kick-back, share some of the incredible food and drink that our clients are famous for and to extend the warm welcome and personality that Valley is famous for in the Shopper Marketing and Retail Activation world. If you missed out drop us a line and we’ll do a BBQ just for you.

    Whilst you’re here, we’d like to show you just some of the activations we’ve worked on recently for brands including Harry’s, Graze, Tony’s Chocolonely, KIND and Nuby. If you’ve set foot in a supermarket or store this year, you’ve walked past our work time after time.

    Graze Snacks and Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day – Sainsburys

    These Graze pre-filled shippers packed a real punch in March this year. Technically that was Spring rather than Summer. Our shippers are sturdy and ready to deploy. The back-boards slot-in in a matter of seconds; and being pre-filled, these units make life easy for the retailer and for the people on the shop floor. Making things easy for everyone gives the greatest chance of units being placed in the right place at the right time for maximum exposure. 8p from every pack went to Comic Relief. Congrats to Graze for this great initiative – having sold millions of units during the promotional period, it was a great win for a terrific cause.



    Tony’s Chocolonely – Share our Chocolate, Share our Story

    We’re proud to continue our great partnership with the Countess of Cocoa at Tony’s Chocolonely. It’s fast becoming a truly beloved chocolate brand, led by it’s strong purpose and ethical credentials. Their unwavering campaigning to eradicate child slavery in the cocoa industry is serving as a wake-up call to consumers and other chocolate manufacturers alike. We love Tony’s, we love their products and they love working with us. In fact we ate two bars just whilst writing this article.




    A kinder kind of Protein Bar – KIND by name, KIND by nature

    Another snacking-innovator we love working with is KIND. We’ve worked with their team as the UK has gone NUTS for their wholesome bars. The next trick that KIND had up their sleeve was the launch of KIND Protein – with 10g of the plant based good stuff in every bar. We rolled out a whole series of these fully-recyclable FSDU’s that were pre-filled. We make them kind too, printing each and every one of them with earth-friendly water based inks. We’d love to do the same for you.


    Kind Protein bars


    Have you had yourself a Harry’s yet?

    Since our very own Dr Retail shaved with Harry’s, he’s never gone back. Harry’s first became famous through it’s Direct-To-Consumer offering, first in the USA and now in the UK and Europe. And they turned to us when they decided to launch at retail here in the UK. These recyclable, cardboard based shelf-toppers are the perfect solution for creating an eye-catching display on a feature-end (or aisle-cap). We made sure the units kept the razors, blades and shaving gel in perfect position (after all, nobody likes a messy display now do they?). With 5 German blades, a precision trimmer and classic style, who wouldn’t want to take Harry’s for a test-drive.


    Harry's shaving display


    If you’re cooking up a storm in retail and need to create just the right impact and impression in-store, get in touch. We’ve been supporting brands like yours for over 125 years.


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