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    Would you get into bed with Colonel Sanders?

    Viewpoint Lite | 12/08/21

    Would you get into bed with Colonel Sanders?

    Here at Valley, we’re always on the lookout for inspiring and unusual brand activations. After all, it’s these moments of branded pleasure that keep fans engaged and excited. Brand activation is close to our hearts. After all, we’re responsible for devising, producing and implementing retail and brand activation for some of the world’s most valuable and most loved companies.

    Our strategy team spotted this KFC branded staycation on We’re quite partial to a boneless banquet on occasion, so this initiative immediately piqued our interest and our taste buds. 

    Apparently KFC is offering fans the opportunity to book an exclusive one-night stay in the House of Harland. Imagine a hotel dedicated to Colonel Sanders and his legendary chicken recipe (yes the one with the secret blend of herbs and spices).

    Located in London, each room is filled with delicious details, from a private cinema room, to a Finger Lickin’ ‘Press For Chicken’ button and Hot Winger Arcade Machine. 100% of the proceeds from the hotel stays are going to the KFC foundation (a charity for retired chickens?). If you fancy a stay yourself, rooms are available from the 18th to the 29th of August 2021. 

    house of Harland 1

    2021 has left many people priced out of an international holiday; what with all the complications of COVID-19 and the mad dash of people all trying to holiday at the same time (bumping up prices). Therefore, KFC’s ‘House of Harland’ campaign gives KFC fans access to a finger-licking-good staycation.

    Guests will be personally picked up in a Black Cadillac and taken directly to “chick-in”. Amazing attention to detail has gone into this experience. There’s chick-flicks in the dedicated cinema room and drumsticks feature everywhere, from the wallpaper to a dedicated game on an in-room arcade machine. We’re hoping our own Dr Retail will spend a night in the hotel – we’ll follow up with a story all about his stay.

    press for chicken

    So what’s the takeaway here? (Forgive the pun). No matter what sector you’re in – with a bit of imagination, you can create a whole host of buzz around your brand and create experiences that keep your brands most important followers and fans on the edge of their seats.

    Here at Valley, this is exactly what we do – so get in touch.

    Anyone for chicken?


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