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    Using Scannable Technology for good on packaging

    Viewpoint Lite | 13/07/21

    At Valley, we’re passionate about using technology for good; it’s for this reason we’ve invested in TapScan, a technology that allows brands and retailers to provide rich and immersive digital brand experiences at the point of sale. Scannable technology can also reduce unnecessary packaging because the information does not need to be printed on paper, card or plastic, it lives behind the scannable code and consumers  access on their own device. We’ve seen British cosmetics retailer Lush, do exactly this; their bath bombs are now naked – no more horrible cellophane. The ingredients and other information can be consumed on a user device after scanning the bomb using LushLens, the company’s app that uses object recognition technology to identify the product. 

    Another example of a brand using scannable technology is Kellogg’s. From 2022, they’ll add codes to their cereal packaging which users can scan with their smart devices to find information such as allergens. Unlike other types of printed codes, Kellogg’s are using a new technology called NaviLens that shows users high contrasting coloured squares on a black background. Users don’t need to know exactly where the code is located to scan it, instead the smartphones can pick up the on-pack code from a distance of up to 3 metres which alerts the user who can have the ingredients, allergen and recycling information read aloud to them.


    kelloggs navilens


    “Over two million people in the UK live with sight loss and are unable to simply read the information on our cereal boxes. As a company focused on equity, diversity and inclusion we believe that everyone should be able to access important and useful information about the food that we sell,” explained Chris Silcock, Head of Kellogg’s UK.

    Find out how we’re using a range of scannable technologies to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.



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