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    Heineken’s B.O.T. made us smile this week – yes, that’s Beer Outdoor Transporter

    Viewpoint Lite | 09/07/21

    Whilst possibly nothing more than a PR stunt, Heineken’s “Beer Outdoor Transporter” made us smile this week. The weather has been getting hotter, especially in the USA where they’ve had record temperatures. Beer coolers are heavy, so Heineken has re-imagined them for 2021. Meet the B.O.T., a cheeky little autonomous robot-cooler that follows it’s owner around, quite literally anywhere. So you always have an ice-cold can of Heineken available, at the perfect serving temperature.

    So what’s the lesson here? Quite simply, just when you think you’ve seen it all in brand activation and marketing, there’s always a creative solution waiting to re-ignite the imagination of the shopper.

    How are you going to captivate your consumers this summer?


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