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    Retail going beyond sustainable refill stations

    Viewpoint Lite | 10/06/21

    Dr Retail and the Valley team have been out exploring the latest developments in retail, we’re seeing sustainability messages everywhere, but which ones really resonate with consumers? Refill bottle station are a good start, especially water refill stations that we’ve seen at Boots, Covent Garden and adidasLDN on Oxford Street, but that’s not enough to win over the masses. Brands and retailers need to place the planet over profits to really win, but every business needs to be sustainable in its own right. One company we came across recently really impressed us, direct-to-consumer personal care brand by Humankind.

    The idea of retailers offsetting plastic waste is a good example of going that extra mile and by Humankind is expanding its offer beyond natural refillable deodorants, biodegradable floss and mouthwash tablets with a monthly plastic offsets subscription.

    The company is targeting prospective consumers outside of its customer base by introducing an efficient and accessible service that enables anyone to counteract the plastic footprint that results of their lifestyle. For a monthly fee of £5.80, by Humankind subsidises the cost of removing about 10kg of ocean-bound plastic waste from the environment. It works with social enterprise Plastic Bank to do this, which in turn reprocesses plastic materials for re-introduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.

    We all have to take responsibility to ensure future generations can enjoy our planet and retail can make a big impact. 

    Learn how Valley is helping its customers to be more sustainable by choosing materials and processes that are better for the planet. 

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