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    Tesla files trademark – hinting at plans for dedicated Charging, Retail and Dining sites

    Viewpoint Lite | 04/06/21

    Tesla has recently filed a new trademark for business activities including restaurant services, pop-up restaurant services, self-service restaurant services and take-out. This this a sign that the company are about to make good on ideas and concepts they have discussed publicly since 2017.

    This is not the first time we’ve reported on Electric charging stations. As more and more Electric vehicles hit the roads in the UK and Internationally, there’s going to be a greater and greater demand for quality sites where vehicles can be rapidly charged. Even with the most sophisticated current charging technology, a rapid charge takes at least 20 minutes.

    During this down-time, electric car users are bound to be hungry, thirsty and be looking for more sophisticated retail and dining offerings. Depending on the size of site, these supercharger stations have the potential to offer a whole range of experiences, from food and drink through to discovery-type experiences that feature electronics and technology. It could be just enough time to try on a new VR headset or try out a new piece of fitness tech. Perhaps these sites will also evolve to include a wellness offering. Imagine stress-busting sessions, anti-fatigue workouts and other ways to make the most of a 20 minute stop.

    Here at Valley, we see big opportunities ahead for both brands and retailers who will be able to partner with brands like Tesla to create outstanding on-site experiences. Who knows – rather than just a solution to a low battery, these sites could become destinations in their own right. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


    Tesla retail station



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