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    Edited shopping; do we really need 20 types of Canned Tomatoes on shelf?

    Viewpoint Lite | 02/06/21

    How important is range and choice when it comes to shopping? We all love the option to choose between products, but too much range can be very frustrating. Why are there twenty different types of canned tomatoes in my local supermarket, or eight different types of spaghetti, and do we really need six different types of bleach or twenty-five options for toilet roll?

    In a recent survey by Shopkick, the events of the past year resulted in significant changes in shopping behaviour. For example, 68 percent of Americans claim the pandemic has made them more conscious consumers. The survey also points out that 39 percent of consumers are researching companies’ values and practices to ensure they align with their personal beliefs. This is a very important point as is narrows the options and choice to a select few that are making a real difference. 

    Even Amazon with its endless aisles of choice are now giving shoppers the option to edit their range in new ways and purchase more consciously. The company has more than 40,000 items that carry certificates from schemes such as Fairtrade International and the Carbon Trust to help consumers pick products on their environmental merits.

    At Valley we’re using our TapScan technology to make it easier for shoppers to access deeper layers of digital information at the point of sale such as such as a product’s provenance or certificates that highlight credentials. 

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