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    Google’s first ever permanent retail store

    Viewpoint Lite | 25/05/21

    Google has announced they’ll be opening their first ever permanent store in Chelsea, New York this summer. The tech giant describes the store as “Immersive” and we think it’s safe to say they’ll focus on the space being playful and full of engaging, interactive experiences. 

    We always get excited when a major technology brand decides to open a physical retail space, because in most cases they tend to understand that a physical store should provide customers with experiences that can’t be done as easily online. For example providing expert human advice, product sampling and try-on (for wearables) and face to face technical support. We believe this store will highlight the importance of physical retailing whilst confirming there is value for brands to still invest in non-digital touchpoints. 

    We have high hopes for this one and look forward to seeing if Google will open other stores around the world. Keep tuned for our review once its open.

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