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    Tie the knot at Selfridges? – why retail needs to be much more than just a shop

    Viewpoint Lite | 19/05/21

    Selfridges this week announced it’s been granted a wedding licence and will start offering wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships in its London Oxford Street store for up to 20 guests. There are three packages to choose from, 1: The Just-the-two-of-us wedding for a low key ceremony, 2: The Earth-Lovers Wedding for couples who are eco-conscious that also includes purchasing or renting pre-loved fashion and having make-up done using Project-Earth labelled beauty products and 3: The All-out extraordinary wedding that includes a 4 hour DJ set and the use of the stores Brassiere of Light restaurant.

    brasserie of light Selfridges

    What we really love about this is that Selfridges understands that a store is not just a store, it’s a venue that can cater to its customers entire lifestyle. Physical retail should give customers the opportunity to experience things that can’t be done online, this includes product sampling, exceptional customer service and expert advice.

    two men getting married at Selfridges

    Selfridges once again reminds us with this new offering that it’s one of only a handful of retailers in the world that’s truly unique and deeply understands the meaning behind being experiential. 


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