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    Retail and the circular economy

    Viewpoint Lite | 15/04/21

    Nike has just launched a new refurbishment program where lightly worn or imperfect goods are sold at discounted prices at one of 15 Nike stores in the US. Items that can be restored to “as close to new condition as possible” are restocked as Nike Refurbished products at the brands factory outlet, Nike Unite and Nike Community stores. Items that can’t be refurbished will be donated to a community partner or recycled into materials and products through Nike Grind. Read more here.

    We also saw luxury Swiss brand Breitling announce a new programme called #BreitlingSelect which offers a collection of watches from the brands refurbished collection made available on subscription. The programs allows customers to enjoy 3 watches over a 12 month period for a set annual fee. 

    These programs and other new business models not only play into the circular economy, but they make access to the brand much more democratic and affordable. Retail plays an important role in both cases ensuring the brand experience lives up to customer expectations.

    Which retail businesses inspire you and why? We’d love hear from you, hopefully over a glass or wine or a cold beer in person soon. 



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