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    Ask Valley for a sustainable materials audit (ft McDonalds)

    Viewpoint Lite | 13/04/21

    McDonalds has just opened its new energy efficient global flagship restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, It’s the first-of-its-kind to operate on a fully renewable basis. To achieve carbon neutrality, the restaurant avoids conventional methods such as gas-source cooking and water heating equipment. It also features several elements to lower energy consumption, including an air-source water heating machine and solar panels. In addition, the building’s exterior features green walls covered with vegetation and a large canopy to shade and cool the restaurant.

    The site will also act as a sustainable testing ground for McDonald’s, reflecting its ongoing innovation in this space. ‘The success of this project will not only influence the design of McDonald’s restaurants in the future, but it will also serve to encourage similar projects to pursue net-zero targets,’ comments Jean Gibbons, vice president at WSP USA Buildings, a development partner for the project.

    As we all look forward to retail operating as usual this spring and summer; sustainability messages will increasingly be visible, but the retail industry is has been slow to adopt green architecture and truly sustainable materials for displays. There are many lessons the industry can learn from McDonalds. 

    Valley’s sustainability audit for your point of purchase and brand activations

    Valley’s research and development teams are not only helping brands and retailers to discover new green materials from upcycled boards to hard surfaces made of waste yogurt pots, but we’re also creating digital gateways to rich information highlighting the provenance of every material using our TapScan technology. To learn how we can help you win the hearts of minds of customers along with market share get in touch today for a sustainable material audit. 


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