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    Digital transformation across retail has accelerated exponentially, but where is the real innovation happening?

    Viewpoint Lite | 30/03/21

    Snapchat has acquired Fit Analytics, a startup based in Berlin that’s built technology to help shoppers find the right-sized apparel and footwear from online retailers, along with a wider set of personalisation tools and other analytics to help retailers figure out how to sell more overall. Fit Analytics already works with 18,000 retailers worldwide including brands like North Face, Asos, Calvin Klein, Patagonia, Puma, and many more.
    fit finder
    Technology like this also has the potential to reduce the volume of returns that e-commerce generates, and could even make real world shopping more efficient if a customer has already tried on something at home before venturing into a store. On top of this, more efficient digital tools will have a positive impact on the environment as a result of try-on at home and less wasted trips to stores. According to Barclaycard research 30% of shoppers over-purchase with the intention of returning goods and 19% order multiple versions of the same item in order to decide what to keep. Technology such as Fit Analytics has the potential to make a real difference. 
    At Valley we don’t believe e-commerce or digital shopping touchpoints will make real world shopping experiences redundant; technology will help support retail and make the overall process better than ever before.
    To learn how you can use technology, data analytics, AI and other digital touchpoints to make shopping better, reach out.
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