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    March’s Top Brand & Retail Activations

    Viewpoint Lite | 16/03/21

    Tony’s Chocolonely creates controversy 

    Valley client and chocolate challenger brand Tony’s Chocolonely purposefully caused a stir when it launched a range of ‘lookalike’ bars, designed to look like four famous brands. The move is part of Tony’s campaigning to get “big chocolate” to wake up ethical concerns and to put pressure on politicians and the industry to ban child labour and slavery. We worked with the Tony’s team to create this cheeky looking FSDU that featured 3D versions of the special bars. The launch of the bars really did make an impact, with several major UK retailers removing the special range under pressure from larger chocolate manufactures. Despite this setback, this launch and the controversy created a huge tsunami of media coverage for the brand. Go Tony’s!


    Tony's familiar bars


    Heineken recruits celebs to deliver 0% beer by Cherry Picker

    Heineken beer being delivered by cherry picker


    We love this activation from the team at Heineken. They partnered with Sophie Ellis-Bextor to deliver light 0% alcohol refreshment to people working from home. The adapted cherry-picker featured a miniature bar, complete with draught dispenser, for the perfect serve. Whilst more of a publicity stunt rather than a service Heineken has rolled out across the UK, this did make us smile. A clever piece of PR that perfectly captured the reality of how most of us are feeling right now, locked-down and in our homes.



    M&S streams live for it’s Sparks cardholders

    Live-stream shopping and content is having a moment and is being trialled by a number of retailers all over the world, egged-on by the huge success the channel in having in China. M&S has launched a range of live cook-along events for its Sparks loyalty card holders. During the events, viewers can cook-along with well known cooking and baking celebrities, as well as discover inspiring new products from the M&S range. M&S’s live-stream is not ‘live stoppable’ yet, but shows their willing to take a test and learn approach.


    M&S sparks live stream


    As more shoppers choose to order products online, live-streaming offers retailers an opportunity to create content LIVE from their existing store network, tapping into the knowledge and personality of the people in their store. This content can then be made available on-demand and re-purposed. For example, shoppers in-store could access this content by scanning one of Valley’s TapScan QR codes or tags.


    Corona Reactivates Paradise in-store

    This in-store activation was spotted in Ecuador, South America where beer brand Corona is inviting shoppers to ‘reactivate paradise’. The initiative is designed to support Corona’s hundreds of Hotel on-trade customers who had to close during the country’s temporary lockdown. By buying a 6 pack of Corona in-store, shoppers gain access to exclusive discounted rates at selected hotels in Ecuador’s most popular holiday resorts. In line with local law, these hotels are now open to domestic visitors, albeit with a much reduced capacity, and COVID-19 testing and cleaning procedures in place.

    Corona lager reactivate paradise promotion


    Bodyform invites you to its Pain Museum

    Bodyform, part of Essity launched a virtual pain museum to raise awareness and remove the stigma associated with period pain. According to the brand: “From endometriosis, to adenomyosis, to painful sex, to vaginismus and beyond, our experience of pain is complex and still desperately underacknowledged. The more we share our #painstories, the more we dismantle the shame and silence that stops us getting the help we deserve. As part of Project V, we’re taking steps to lift the lid on women’s experiences of pain, to close the gender pain gap one story at a time.” The museum is delivered as a virtual online experience and features striking images that were commissioned to express graphically the pain that can be experienced.


    bodyform pain museum



    Cointreau’s on-demand Margaritas  


    cointreau margarita home delivery


    Iconic liquor Cointreau partnered with SUPPER London to celebrate National Margarita Day which was on the 22nd of February. Cointreau created this special day to remind consumers that the original Margarita recipe is a mix of it’s liquor, together with Tequila and lemon juice. UK shoppers in London had a chance to win a perfectly timed Margarita delivery to their door. Another example of a brand taking the opportunity to brings its products directly to shoppers, at a time when their favourite Bars and Cocktail joints are closed. Viva Margarita!


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