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    What is a Glorifier and what does a digital version look like?

    Viewpoint Lite | 26/01/21

    A “glorifier” in the context of an in-store display is something that creates stand-out. Here at Valley we make thousands of glorifiers for brands and retailers every year, from simple graphics to mixed-material product highlighters that sit on a shelf, in an aisle or on a window. Glorifiers have long proved to be a valuable product merchandising tactic, but we’re seeing a big shift in how products are highlighted online. Web banners, digital pop-ups and other digital ad formats have quickly become annoying and disruptive and not in a good way. The best brands today are already using a host of next generation websites and well considered digital tools that not only create stand-out but also provide immersive interactivity.
    valentino bag floating in air
    The new Valentino Insights platform is one such example, a virtual voyage that encourages visitors to discover the latest fashion, accessories and objects across a number of synthetic shelves. This immersive space in many ways is the equivalent of an in-store glorifier, it’s just much more enveloping, entertaining and informative. The experience naturally links out to e-commerce for a friction-free shopping experience. Experience it for yourself here:
    add Valentino to basket
    If you’re interested in learning more about how web-trends and the next generation of digital tools are transforming retail and the way we shop, get in touch.
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