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    John Lewis presents smart home technology experience

    Viewpoint Lite | 07/04/16

    John Lewis unveiled what it describes as the UK’s largest smart home technology experience, today at it’s Oxford Street flagship store. The experience features futuristic gadgets and technologies for every room, following an 81% increase in sales of smart home technologies in previous years. The space is split into four interactive zones including; the kitchen, entertainment, sleep and home monitoring. Demonstrations will showcase the technologies to the best of their capacity and will showcase how the smart technology responds to human behaviour without direct interaction.


    John Lewis Smart Home in Oxford Street


    In line with our research regarding the rise of experiential marketing, John Lewis are clear that in store experiences are growing in importance, with customers enjoying physically experiencing products before they commit to purchasing them. Particularly in the technology industry, experiences such as this not only allow customers to trial the technologies but also to help understand which technology is useful for them personally.



    Some of the technologies include; an oven that is able to start cooking your dinner while you’re out, a quality of sleep monitor which can provide an alarm to wake you up when you’re at the lightest point of sleep and a smart fridge that can place internet shopping orders for you.¬†All products featured will be available to purchase in store and on the John Lewis website and the smart home experience will begin roll out in Autumn starting with the newest Leeds store… Keep your eyes peeled!


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